Daily Fit Tip: Aug. 21


What do you have without health? Probably not much left.

As a coach, I often hear that “I just don’t have time to exercise”, and I completely get it. We have priorities in life and those priorities often outweigh the importance of living a healthy life.

So all too often, people put life in front of health, until health runs out and life soon follows. I know that sounds terrible, but I’m not one that likes to run from the truth.

Health is important, and we don’t realize until it’s running out.

So let’s start prioritizing health while we still have the choice.


Start small. For the next 30 days, make the time to do one of these actions:

  • go on a 10 minute walk when you wake up

  • eat vegetables for at least one meal per day

  • do 100 jumping jacks every morning

  • give yourself 30 more minutes of sleep per night

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