Fit Tip: Aug. 24

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I went out drinking last night with friends. I might’ve finished off a few handful of chips, a bottle of wine, and maybe a few cookies too many.

But I’m no less fit this morning than I was yesterday. How?

I always tell my members to follow the 85/15 principle – yes, that’s derived from 80/20. The goal is to make sure you’ve got nutrition guidelines in place and you follow those guidelines 85% of the time.

What about the other 15%? Feel free to enjoy yourself.

The secret to weight loss is that what you do most of the time is way more important than what you do some of the time.

Cookies, chips, and too much red wine won’t ruin your weight loss goal – unless you allow that to become part of your 85%.

For me, I stick to a pretty regular routine of oatmeal in the mornings and 2 fruit and veggie smoothies throughout the day. That gives me the freedom to still eat foods I love, and have a little fun every now and then.

For us, good nutrition looks like:

  • less than 10 g of added sugars per meal

  • animal proteins with under 15% fat

  • lots of high fiber carbs and veggies

  • no processed foods

  • no high calorie condiments

  • make sure it’s something you enjoy

It’s that simple!

Action Step

Take out a piece of paper or open up a new sheet of notes on your phone. Track everything you eat and drink for the next 7 days.

Then review those foods and drink to determine if at least 85% of what you’re feeding your body is aligned with your goals.

Let me know what your score comes out to be!

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