Fit tip: Aug. 25

good habit of drinking water

What’s the one thing that makes or breaks fitness success? Habits.

Examples of good habits are showing up to the gym every day, meditating every morning, or not keeping junk food around the house. Unfortunately, habits don’t get enough attention when it comes to setting ourselves up for success.

Habits are the reason why gyms sell thousands of membership, yet have so few attendees or why New Year’s resolutions tend to fall short by February.

Most people would be shocked to see the results of going out and jogging for 15 minutes per day. The challenging part is understanding how to set and manage good habits.

Daily Action Step

So how do you start?

Start small, start now, and build on your momentum.

Here are my tips when starting a new habit.

  • make it incredibly easy to succeed

  • find an accountability partner

  • review your progress weekly and monthly

I really want to emphasize the first point. Many people set a goal like “I want to work out five days a week”. It’s pretty hard to go from working out zero times a week to spending 5 hours a week in the gym right?

But what if we rephrased that goal to “I will show up to the gym five days a week”. The only thing you’ll have to do is show up. Whether or not you choose to work out after that will be up to you, but you win as soon as you show up.

That’s why our personal trainers and group workouts actually work. They take the guesswork and difficulty out of fitness, so that all you’ve got to do is show up.

Which area of your life do you need to start showing up more in?

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