Fit Tip: Aug. 27

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How do you encourage people around to start making healthier decisions?

I strongly believe that our environment impacts our own behaviors, thought patterns, and reality. Those who have talked me about habits will have probably heard “if you don’t want to eat too many cookies, don’t leave cookies on the counter”. It’s making the decision before you get to test your willpower.

This also applies strongly to friend circles, family members, and those closest around us. It’s tough to be on a diet when everyone looks at you funny for eating healthy or keeps on drilling in the idea that working out is “too hard”.

So how do you change them? This has been a great struggle for myself, because I want to see the best from those around me. But at the end of the day, I can’t control others and that’s the truth.

You’ve got to give them the ability to make their own choice and allow them to fall before they learn. Think back to when you first found health and fitness to be an important aspect of your life. How did that happen?

You might’ve witness a family member passing away due to poor health, your doctor might’ve told you that your blood pressure was too high, or you just wanted to look better in the mirror (yup, I’ve been there too…).

So you can invite them to workouts with you or suggest healthier restaurants when eating out, but at the end of the day, we can’t expect others to see the same as we do, regardless whether for good or bad.

Daily Action Step

If you’ve got friends or family members who you feel could benefit from better nutrition or more exercise, here’s a couple things you could start doing to help start them on the right path.

  • invite them to a workout with you

  • schedule a daily time to go on a walk

  • share tasty and healthy food options with them

  • teach them what you’ve been learning and why it’s important

  • find out what might motivate them to start on their journey

But remember, it’s okay if don’t catch on right away, because the best thing you could do is be ready for them when they become ready.

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