Fit Tip: Aug. 28

family eating together

Are your weekends throwing you off track? Mine were.

Weekdays were great for me. I would wake up, go on a run, have breakfast oats, and go through my day crushing all of my healthy habits. But when weekends came around, things changed.

I might stay up late on Friday nights and miss my workouts on Saturdays. Since I’d wake up late, I wouldn’t make it in time for breakfast or prepping my smoothies for the day.

So I started asking myself “would I like to be healthy all of the time or just some of the time?”. And guess what? I don’t think half-healthy is a thing.

That started to lead me to enforce boundaries. Just because it’s a weekend night doesn’t mean I can stay up until 2 am watching Netflix (or more accurately, Star Wars and endless replays of Marvel movies).

Here are my weekend rules – very similar to my weekday rules actually.

  • no staying up late (unless I’m actually out doing something)

  • no excessive time spent on the couch

  • no missing breakfast

  • no missing smoothies

  • no missing workouts

But by implementing those rules, I ended up being able to get back into Mondays feeling awake and energized again. Totally beats getting back to the office still hungover and not sure where the weekend went, right?

Daily Action Step

Go this weekend and have fun. But ask yourself what your non-negotiable rules are. Here are a couple ideas to get you started.

  • get enough sleep

  • make room for healthy meals

  • exercise or physical activity/play

  • spend time outdoors

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