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How To Take An InBody Scan

Full video explainer: LINK HERE The summary of instructions is down below.

girl on a scale trying to lose weight

Busting Weight Loss Myths: The New Path to Your Dream Body

The journey to shedding pounds can feel like trekking through a jungle of confusion. With countless weight loss strategies and conflicting advice, it’s no wonder…


How to lose weight in a healthy way

You don’t need any crazy diet, magic potions, or weight loss pills to get you in shape. Fact is, you’re probably better off avoiding those things in the first place.

Instead focus your time and attention in constructing an enjoyable diet, a fun fitness routine, and find out what lifestyle behaviors you can start improving.


Lasting weight loss requires this mindset | Weight Loss Tips

Having the right mindset will help reduce stress, anxiety, and increase the likelihood of you sticking to your plan until you reach your goals. Here are the mindset shifts you’ll need to reach the end!


The best exercises for weight loss

Learn about 4 different types of exercise and which one makes the most sense for you to lose weight, both short term and long term.


The 5 rules for weight loss foods

Do you have trouble figuring out which foods are best for weight loss? Find out the 5 simple rules that we use to decide what foods are best for us!

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