Beginner Friendly CrossFit In San Dimas

We offer beginners-friendly CrossFit to help the San Dimas community burn fat, get stronger, and regain their energy levels.

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Our group training program offers


You will have a network of people to connect with about your progress and goals. Get lifestyle advice from other class members, push each other, or hang out after training.

Certified coaches

Our coaches are trained, educated and certified to lead group classes. They know how to keep you safe while helping you reach your potential.


When you exercise alone, coming to the gym can feel like a chore. Group workouts are lively and exciting. You'll find yourself looking forward to exercising.


You will continuously improve with our varied routines, and everyone around you will notice.

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit incorporates functional movements that everybody needs to be able to perform for optimal health. These movements are combined in workouts that are constantly changing to help maximize the benefits that our bodies receive from exercise.

But beyond the workouts, CrossFit is a lifestyle of optimizing human health through better nutrition, relationships, and community.

Are the classes beginner-friendly?

Yes! We even have a special Fundamentals Course designed to help beginners learn the basic movement patterns that will be performed in class.

Will lifting weights make me super bulky?

No. This is a question we get asked a ton. Putting on large amounts of muscle takes the right combination of 3 things – exercise, diet, and time.

Unless you’re training specifically to become very bulky, it’s unlikely to happen without you realizing months in advance.

Will CrossFit help me lose weight?

CrossFit can be a really effective tool for weight loss, as it combines strength training and cardiovascular exercise together to help you burn calories and get stronger all at the same time.

Is this safe?

Yes. CrossFit can be challenging but is 100% safe when done with good technique in the proper setting.

That’s why we take all our members through a Fundamentals Course. This course is designed to breakdown all the basic movement patterns of CrossFit, so that you’ll feel confident and in control through your workouts.

The classes are also designed to accommodate all skill levels, so that you can push yourself and not feel overwhelmed at the same time.

How long is a CrossFit class?

Our CrossFit classes are usually about an hour long and consist of a warm up, strength or skill session, and workout.

Can I workout every day?

Getting the proper rest is incredibly important when you’re pushing yourself physically. When programmed correctly, your routine should include enough rest to allow your body to heal.

Believe it or not, when your muscles are trying to recover, the best thing is for you to increase the circulation that you’re getting. That means performing light cardio, stretches, and mobility exercises. So, while it is important to give your body enough room to rest, keeping yourself active proves to be more effective than laying down for the day!

Plus, we’ve got a super handy on some hacks to help you speed up recovery between workouts!

What’s the difference between CrossFit and weightlifting?

CrossFit workouts have more variety than traditional weightlifting programs, and focus more on function movements and community. That means that we emphasize training movements that mimic real-life activities, while traditional weightlifting often focuses on individual muscles.

Where is the facility located?

Gimme CrossFit is conveniently located on Arrow Hwy in San Dimas. It’s the same plaza as the Red Robbins and Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park.

How do I get started?

Go ahead and hit that button below to book your free intro with a coach. From there, we’ll help you review all your goals and design an individualized plan to help get you there!

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Book a free intro today with a trainer to learn how CrossFit can help you reach your goals

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