Join Us For Murph 2023 In San Dimas

RSVP required. Registration cutoff for non-members is May 22, 2023.

What is the Murph workout?

The Murph workout is a popular and challenging fitness regimen that honors the memory of U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, who was killed in action in 2005 during Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. Known for his dedication to physical fitness, Lt. Murphy designed the workout himself, and it was later named after him. The Murph workout is commonly performed on Memorial Day in the United States by military personnel, first responders, and CrossFit enthusiasts as a way to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers and to test their physical limits.

The Murph workout consists of the following exercises, performed in sequence:

1-mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 air squats
1-mile run

The goal is to complete the entire workout as quickly as possible. Participants are encouraged to wear a 20-pound weight vest or body armor to simulate the gear worn by military personnel during training or combat operations, although this is optional and not required.

The Murph workout is a true test of strength, endurance, and mental grit, pushing participants to their limits while also fostering camaraderie and community among those who take on the challenge. The workout is not only a way to honor Lt. Murphy and other fallen heroes but also a reminder of the sacrifices they made in service to their country. By pushing ourselves to complete the Murph workout, we symbolically pay our respects and show gratitude for the bravery and dedication of those who have served in the military.

The Murph 2023 Event In San Dimas

This year, we’re hosting the Murph workout here in San Dimas to celebrate Memorial Day and honor Lt. Murphy and other fallen heroes who serve our country.

Date & Time
Memorial Day
May 29, 2023 at 8:30am
8:30am – Check Ins & Warm Up
9:00am – Begin Workout
10:30am – Lunch Meetup

Gimme CrossFit
561 W. Arrow Hwy,
San Dimas, CA 91773

Fees & Registration
This event is held recognition of Memorial Day and to honor our Armed Forces, so the event is free to the public and anyone is welcome to come join and support. However, an RSVP will be required by filling out the form below before the deadline. The cutoff date for signups will be May 22, 2023 for non-members.

Event Shirt preorders must be placed by May 12, 2023.

Original Version:
1-Mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Air Squats
1-Mile Run
*Option to complete with or without weighted vest
**Option to complete as is or partition into rounds

Half Murph (Beginner Friendly):
0.5-Mile Run
50 Pullups or TRX Rows
100 Push Ups (Option from knees or elevated to box)
150 Air Squats/Box Squats
0.5-Mile Run
*Option to complete as is or partition into rounds

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