Habits: the real secret to health

the secret to good health

Habits are incredibly powerful. They can truly make or break our health, career, and relationships.

Think about it. What happens if you take a healthy person and had them start the habit of eating fast food every day? Their health would start to spiral downwards pretty quickly.

But take someone who might’ve just visited the doctor and was told there cholesterol or blood pressure levels were starting to get a bit high? What do you think would happen if you took that person and had them start the habit of eating healthy foods every day?

The challenge with habits comes down to sticking to them. So here are a couple proven ways to stay accountable to yourself and see dramatic improvements in your health, career, or whatever you would like to work on!

Daily Action Step

These are a combination of factors that will help you develop a firm habit that’ll stick with you long term.

Write it down

Writing our goals and desired habits down will help solidify them in our mind. Plus, it’s a great way to constantly remind of what we’re working to accomplish.

Track your progress

Tracking is probably one of the most important parts. It’ll give us the feedback to know when things are working or when they’re not.

Share with friends

Sharing our goals with friends create a social pressure that is very powerful in helping us stick to our goals.

This also helps us align with friends who may also have similar goals and aspirations that they want to keep up together!

Don’t give up

We’ll all fall down at one time or another, but the ones who get back up are the ones who make it to the next step. So no matter how many times you fall off, review your goals, adapt your plan, and keep on going!

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