Fit Tip: Aug. 26


When would be the right time to hire a coach? The simple answer would be whenever you feel stuck.

The job of a coach is to help you overcome any hurdles that you encounter. Some examples could be:

  • making good progress but falling off your program after 4 weeks

  • not being able to squat heavier because you keep hurting your knee

  • not sure where to start because there’s so much information out there

We as coaches have one job: to meet you where you’re at and help move you forward. This can be done through three elements that I focus on providing to our members:

  1. Experience

  2. Accountability

  3. Community

Experience helps people overcome obstacles when they don’t have the right information. Accountability comes into play to help keep members on track, because habits are what determines results. The community part is particularly important.

I strongly believe that surrounding yourself with people who are working towards the same goals can help you get your mindset dialed in. It’s hard eat right if the people around you want to go to happy hour multiple times a week. And working out can be “too hard” depending on who you ask.

My goal with Gimme CrossFit is crate an environment where we celebrate eating right and pushing ourselves physically, because that’s what maintains good health.

And yes, I truly believe that health is wealth.

Daily Action Step

Look back on where you feel stuck in fitness or nutrition.

  • Are you too stressed out during this COVID crisis to eat right and move more?

  • Do you feel that environmental factors are getting in the way of your goals?

  • Have you wanted to start for the longest time, but aren’t sure where to start?

These are things that we help our members with, plus much more. If you’re struggling with health habits and behaviors, reach out, we’ll recommend the best strategy for you to reach that healthy lifestyle.

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