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What is health and how do you maintain it?

Health is wealth. Pretty cliche huh? But health truly is one of those things that we don’t learn to appreciate until it’s gone. So here’s the no-so-secret truth to a healthy life.

Members doing bike sprints at Gimme CrossFit

Fitness versus Covid-19 and wildfires

Here’s a real zero calorie snack that will keep you awake and alert throughout the day.

Outdoor workout at Gimme CrossFit

Workouts: September 6

Workouts for week of September 6 through September 12.

girl staring at a slice of pizza

Don’t start another diet until you read this

Why don’t diets always work? Find out the reason why most people fall off their diet and never get back on.

the secret to good health

Habits: the real secret to health

Habits are incredibly powerful. They can truly make or break our health, career, and relationships. So how can we make the most out of our habits?


Workouts: August 30

List of our workouts for the week of August 30th through September 5th.

people having fun by running a race

What is fitness?

What is fitness? What is exercise? Let’s find out!

family eating together

Fit Tip: Aug. 28

Are your weekends throwing you off track? Great fitness throughout the week can be ruin if we don’t at least keep a baseline for ourselves throughout the weekend.

strawberry smoothies

Fit Tip: Aug. 27

How do you encourage people around to start making healthier decisions? This is something that I’ve struggled with immensely before I realized the truth.


Fit Tip: Aug. 26

When should you hire a trainer? We’ll break down what a trainer can help you out with and when would be the right time to get started.

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